Encounter & Crescendo What’s new for youth?  Crescendo will join Encounter in providing an evening of music, friendship and fun.  The event will take place in the Topsail United Church Boardroom.  Details below:   Crescendo 6:30 – 8:30 (Ages 6-19, parents welcome) A celebration for the youth by the youth. […]

Crescendo & Encounter

Rock Camp is August 7th to the 11th. The hours of the camp will be from 9:00-4:00. Also, there is room for earlier drop off time and late pickup for additional small fee. The performance will be Friday afternoon. The Rock Camp is exactly as it sounds, a fun educational […]

Rock Camp

  There is a new and exciting camp option being offered this year! The MusicBox is partnering with Kelly Scott Dance School.It’s July 24-28th. We are pleased to have Kelly and Annie Scott as the dance instructors and Crystal Vey as the Music Instructor! The hours of the camp will […]

Music & Dance Camp! (new)

The MusicBox Spring Recital is Sunday June 11th at Topsail United Church. The recital times are 2:30 and 4:15. Admission is $3.

Spring Recital

Fiddle “Fiddle” is the first of the “Legends of Broken Rock” series.  The Black Headed Seagull “The Black Headed Seagull” is the second of the series. The Search For Mary

Legends of Broken Rock

Preserve Your Timeless Memories – Analogue to Digital Conversion: Achieved Media ( The MusicBox’s Onsite Media Studio) realizes how difficult it is to keep media files current and up to date. Analogue shelf life is approaching it’s end. It is very important to preserve your timeless memories by converting your […]

Preserve Your Timeless Memories – Analogue to Digital Conversion

Stephen Dawe is a first year student at Memorial University having graduated from Queen Elizabeth Regional High School in June 2016.  He has spent upwards of 10 years learning guitar with Brett Vey at The MusicBox Studio and on his own.  Stephen aspires to learn more about the world of music and […]

Stephen Dawe – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

Samantha Rideout is a grade 12 student at Roncalli Central High from Holyrood, NL. She spent 8 years learning guitar at The MusicBox and has had a passion for playing music ever since. She plays with her band in her school and also individually for several events. In spring of […]

Samantha Rideout – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

Inspiration (Grades 6-12), is a fun musical group that combine instrumental and vocal works where members can learn to play instruments and work together in an ensemble.  The group will perform at various events including a Church service once every month at Topsail United.  Membership to join is free and rehearsals […]

Inspiration (Youth Band Grade 6-12)

Brett Vey graduated from the Classical Guitar program at the MUN School of Music in 2003.  A proficient musician in many instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, percussion, mandolin, and violin. He performs a wide variety of styles and has has worked with other musicians as a session player, producer […]

Brett Vey – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

Crystal holds a Bachelors Degree in Music from Memorial University School of Music. Her principal instrument is voice. She has been performing since she was 13 and sings various genres of music such as classical, musical theatre, pop, folk, and gospel. She has performed in various choirs such as MUN […]

Crystal Vey – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

There are Group Music Classes for ages 2-5 year olds. Parent and Tot is for Ages (2-3) Saturday 945-1030 am. and Preschoolers (3-5) Saturdays 10:30-11:15 starting September 24th.  These Music Classes are an introduction to Music and involve singing rhythm and exposure to instruments. Please contact Crystal Vey at 744-2080 […]

The MusicBox Group Children’s Classes

Very excited to announce that The MusicBox has teamed up with Achieved Media which is an all inclusive media hub.  Achieved Media can create or edit any type of media files such as video, animation, audio recording, website hosting and design,etc.  They can  also help promote and act as an […]

The MusicBox Partners With Achieved Media

Brett Vey of The MusicBox leads the Children’s Choir at Topsail United Church.  The choir’s name is “Courage” and we are currently seeking new members.  This is a wonderful opportunity for participants to learn how to sing and work with others in a group setting.  Plus this group will be […]

Courage – Choir opportunity for ages 6-12

The MusicBox is now fully designed to offer high quality lessons through Skype and/or Hangouts.   This is a new addition to what The MusicBox currently offers and they are excited that their quality instruction and techniques can now reach a larger area.   Tips for those interested in lessons […]

The MusicBox now offering lessons via Skype and Hangouts!

The MusicBox is pleased to have Colin Perry returning this season.  He is a very talented teacher and a very active musician in the music scene. “Colin is a Naval Architectural Engineering student who has been playing music his whole life. He takes part in many musical performances throughout the […]

Colin Perry – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

The MusicBox is pleased to have Jordan Coaker returning this season.  He is a very talented teacher and a very active musician in the music scene. “Jordan  has dedicated his life to performing for others. He has been involved in music since he was in high school. He is currently […]

Jordan Coaker – MusicBox Instructor Highlight

Due to suggestions from parents we decided to open up a chance for the students to professionally record their recital song. We know that a lot of family and friends cannot attend the recital themselves. So this audio recording can be the perfect memory of the event. The cost for […]

Record Your Recital Song

Over the year we are planning on offering a master class in Guitar. All is welcomed to attend. Call 744-2080 for details. Dates TBA.

Guitar Masterclass

New program for the MusicBox is lessons in “how to record” your music. The lessons will focus heavily on MIDI, Mic-ing techniques and Software usage and Terminology.

Lessons in Recording

This season we have begun renting out our rooms for “Jam Space”. This is ideal for anyone wanting to jam or rehearse with their friends and bandmates. The cost is $15.00 per hour and includes access to amps, microphones and the electronic drum kit.

Jam Space Rental