Group Classes

**** Please Note – All group classes are suspended due to Covid-19 concerns as of March 15th, 2020 (One on One and Online lessons are ongoing) ****

(New)Drop in Music Class!

This coming Fall we will offer Drop in Music Class for Ages 2-5! This will take place on Tuesday mornings. Please contact us for more information.

Children’s Choir

This fun filled class is designed for Ages 6-10. The students will learn various types of songs and get to participate in numerous performance opportunities! They meet Tuesday evenings from 630-730.

Preschool Class

This Class is designed for ages 3-5. It covers singing, rhythm, and exposure to various instruments. The students get to participate in the Christmas and Spring Recitals. This class is Thursday evenings 555-640.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fun interactive class that consists of singing and acting. It’s for Ages 7-14. The students get many performance opportunities and get to be involved in a some form of production (live performance, film etc). This class takes place Thursday evenings 645-745.

Performance Circle

This is a relaxed environment in which students can experience playing together with other students. This Class is for Ages 10-17. It takes place Thursday evenings 745-845.

Performer area