Legends Of Broken Rock: Fiddle

Legends of Broken Rock: Fiddle began as a theater project for students of The MusicBox. The theater production was part of a series under Legends of Broken Rock which included two other works The Black Headed Seagull and The Search For Mary. Due to the project’s success it evolved into a film independently created (currently in pre-production stage). The very talented cast are volunteering their time and efforts into creating the film which they hope you will enjoy watching as much as they enjoyed working on it.

This story takes place in “Broken Rock” a small Newfoundland fishing community in 1901. The mystical qualities that adorn the out-port Newfoundland lifestyle is prominent in this work. A love triangle between out-port people and the fairies of local popular legend ensues as the two worlds combine and compete.


When a Newfoundland forest Fairy fell in love with the perfect human woman he sacrificed all that he was for her love, but when she met a Human man that caught her affection as well all three lives are set on a course that will bring about heartache for one.

Writer / Composer / Chief Editor

Brett Vey


Robert Dumond (Co-Director) – Mornith

Sydney Wells – Grace

Adam Squires – Mark

Corey Reynolds – Jacob

Crystal Vey – Sarah

Shannon Collins – Remorsa

Noelle Kavanagh – Nula

Fred Vey – Fred

Rosanne Dunn – Bridgett

Sera Tulk – Ruth

Claire Collins – Anna

Alicia Lilly – Mary

Brody Andrews – William

Emma Bastow – Katherine

Sara Vey – Young Grace

Gabrielle Dumond – Young Sarah


Rebecca Wall

Kenley Hoskins

Brooke Lilly

Special Thanks

Shauna Collins – Costumes

Brandon Sullivan – Graphic Design (Theater Production)

Christine Young – Theater Director & Costumes

Alex Scott – Theater Sound