Brett Vey – B.Mus

Hailing from Sunnyside, Newfoundland Brett is an all around musician with talents ranging from composer, recording engineer, producer, instructor, multi-instrumentalist and performer. His musical studies began at home with a musical family. Later he went on to obtain a music degree from Memorial University with a specialization as a Classical Guitarist. He has worked with many high-profile artists around the province.

Recent Highlights Include:

  • “MusicNL Music Educator of the Year” nominations – 2018, 2021.
  • “Just Like a Rainy Day” – was released via facebook April 10th, 2020 and has generated over 30,000 views. The song features 24 local artists such as members from The Once, Baccalieu. Saltwater Strings, Adam Baxter and more.
  • “Legends of Broken Rock: Fiddle” – Feature length film released in 2019 (1hr, 24 mins). Cast and crew of over 25 people. This film is a family friendly musical. 
  • “One Piano and a Song Collection” – A live studio album with 17 original songs released in 2019. 
  • Legends of Broken Rock: Fiddle – Full-length feature film released in 2019.

    Crystal Vey – B.Mus.

    Crystal holds a Bachelors Degree in Music from Memorial University School of Music. Her principal instrument is voice. She has been performing since she was 13 and sings various genres of music such as classical, musical theatre, pop, folk, and gospel. She has performed in various choirs such as MUN festival choir. She has also performed in a women’s vocal group called the Silver Belles at the Bowring Park Tree of Lights ceremony. Crystal has performed as a soloist quite frequently. She has performed in the D.F, Cook recital Hall, Kiwanis music festival, folk festivals, as well as many wedding and church service solos. She performed a classical recital in voice at the West End Baptist Church and organized various concerts/shows including an Evening of Christmas Music in CBS. Crystal has also worked as a studio musician and is credited on many cds/demos. She enjoys playing piano.