Brett Vey Music

General Bio:

Hailing from Sunnyside, NL.Brett is an all around musician,his talents ranges from composer, recording engineer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist and performer. His musical studies began at home with a musical family.  Later he went on to obtain a music degree from memorial University with specialization as a classical guitarist. He has performed with many high profile groups around the province. Brett now enjoys performing with his 4 bands which include: Baccalieu, Saltwater Strings, The Veys and Spare Time. Brett is also,the owner of The MusicBox which is an award winning music school with many accomplishments.

Music Production/Composer Bio:

Brett has a large passion in composition and production. He has composed multiple works including countless songs, three feature length musicals (one has become a full length film), 2 Christmas pageants, 6 solo albums and he has worked on many collaboration projects over the years.

Highlighted recent examples: 

  • “Just Like a Rainy Day” – was released on April 10th, 2020. The song features 24 local artists such as members from The Once, Baccalieu. Saltwater Strings, Adam Baxter and more.
  • “Legends of Broken Rock: Fiddle” – Feature length film released in 2019 (1hr, 24 mins). Cast and crew of over 25 people. This film is a family friendly musical. 
  • “One Piano and a Song Collection” – A live studio album with 17 original songs released in 2019. 

Recording and Film Productions Bio:

Brett has performed with many high profile groups from around the province including The Once, Con O’Brien, Rising Tide Theatre, Open Highway and more. He is also employed as one of the musicians at the Topsail United Church. The lineup of bands he currently works with are:

  • Baccalieu – 3 piece Irish traditional band.
  • Saltwater Strings – Violin and guitar instrumental duet.
  • Spare Time – Country folk duo.
  • The Veys – Family band.
  • Cabin Party Live – 10 piece country band.
  • Brett Vey Music – Guitar, piano, violin, singer and songwriter.

Music Instructor Bio:

Brett has taught countless students since opening The MusicBox in 2003. He has been recognised by the Royal Conservatory of Music and The MusicBox have won awards for their participation within Conception Bay South. Brett is currently a conductor at the Topsail United Church where he conducts and leads the youth groups Courage and Inspiration.



  • (709) 744-2080

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